Saturday, January 8, 2011

Project 365

Just a quickie post, since I really should be sleeping but I wanted to get these up before I am even more behind. I have added a photo overlay that I got from Gotta Pixel. I am so excited to get this weeks photos printed out tomorrow & added to my album!

Marissa working on her math homework. This year she has about an hours worth of homework every night.

I had a hard time choosing today's photo. Maddie got her badge today & I was planning on using that as it is a big deal for her, but then I caught Matthew playing with the dog. He was actually giggling while making the dog wave at me. I have so few photos of him lately, let alone ones with him smiling so this one made the cut.

A big Woo Hoo for the return of date night! I just could not pull these off last month with any real dedication, even though we did make it out a few times. We just went out to dinner at a new restaurant, but it was nice & relaxing.
How was your first week of the year?

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