Sunday, September 19, 2010

Confessions of a wanna-be roller derby mama

This sport discovered me last June while I was at a friends birthday party. I can almost count the number of times I have skated since jr high on my fingers & I hadn't ever even heard of roller derby before.
While slowly skating around the rink with my kids at above mentioned party, a lady skated up & asked if I would be interested in roller derby. The birthday girl & I decided to give it a go.
I had no idea what I was getting myself into!
Our first practice was the following week & so I looked it up on the internet & learned a little.
After a few practices I felt like I had been run over several times.
 Muscles I didn't know I had hurt. I got some amazing blisters on my feet.
I had some very colorful bruises on my body.
Yet, somehow I was totally hooked!
It felt good to make my body really move again. I love pushing myself to learn more & be able to do more.
When I was a kid I so badly wanted to learn how to skate backwards. I would watch those who could with envy. It took me about a month, but now I too can skate backwards.
 I can also hold my own on those fun speed skate songs.
We are working on building a team still & I have yet to come up with a decent derby name,
 so for now I am still a wanna-be derby girl.
My friend & I did watch Whip It. We were amused & slightly terrified of what we had gotten ourselves into.
I now own my own skates & lots of knee high socks.

One of the best parts is the way my brain shuts off while I'm skating.
I don't worry about anything. I can't. I'm too busy trying to stay upright.
Especially since falling only adds pain to more places.
It makes my head such a peaceful place to be.

I still hurt like crazy after a good practice even though it's been almost 4 months. In fact this week I learned you haven't really worked your core until you have worked it with skates on your feet.
Just try doing leg lifts with those heavy bad boys on!
I still have some impressive blisters & will continue to have bruises.

My hubby is starting to see changes in my body. Just a little slimming (YEAH!!) in my hips, thighs & waist. I'm sure if I could weigh myself I could see some changes there too.

I can't wait for practice again on Tuesday!


  1. Atta girl! I think some photos are in order! :)

    A former neighbor of ours was on a roller derby team. She gave me her jersey when she was trimming down her wardrobe (I was building up my workout clothes options to run in) this past summer so now I can be a poser! ;)


  2. Lol! That is too funny :)
    It is really a great way to work out. I'm working on the photos. It's hard since I am the family photographer... definitely need some though!