Sunday, September 5, 2010

End of Summer Party

To celebrate the end of summer we decided to have a party & invite a few friends over. I love theme parties & it has been a long time since I've hosted one. This theme started from a bead project I found on a blog, and the idea for a Rainbow Party was beginning. Then I found this blog: and it was settled. I love this blog, she has a ton of fun crafty things to do with your kids, but best of all for now was her rainbow camp ideas. She also had a rainbow birthday party & I honestly got most of my ideas from her. My girly girls loved the idea!

Because it was a summer, just for fun party, I tried to keep it simple.
 A simple lunch & a few crafts for the kids.
Eating lunch

Rainbow Ice cubes were a big hit!
Originally I planned on having the kids make fruit loop necklaces to keep busy until everyone had arrived, but the kids had other ideas & ended up playing in the playroom until I called them for lunch. As soon as they finished eathing they made their necklaces and had snacks to go as one by one they ended up in the playroom again.

Making fruit loop necklaces. Also known as Snacks to go!

The mommies visited & let the kids play for a bit before calling them down to make paint rocks. It was fun to see how different each girl painted her rock. Again one by one as soon as they finished they went back to the playroom. We visited some more & painted our own rocks while they played.

Painting rocks. Each girl painted 2.

I gathered the girls up once again for their last craft, Tie-Dye Hankies. Once again they each had their own designs & it was fun to see them sharing ideas & tweaking them just a bit to make them their own.
I'm not quite sure what the big deal with the playroom was but all the girls ended up playing in it again, wish it always had that kind of draw!

Showing off their hankies.
The boys in the back were part of the teenage herd that tried to crash the party.

Instead of goody bags I put the girls rocks & hankies in a colorful bag to take home. I almost forgot to give the girls the rainbow jello I had made so some of them got to take a snack to go :)
Yummy jello cups. Love how they turned out even though they take forever to make!

When I asked my girls what their favorite part of the party was, they both replied playing in the playroom! oh yeah & we had fun doing the crafts too. I'm still confused by this, but they had fun, their friends had fun & the mommies had fun so it's all good.

I wish I would have gotten a picture of the teenagers hanging out & playing with all the balloons. They didn't want anything to do with the crafts but they loved the rainbow twizzlers & even thought the rainbow ice cubes were pretty cool.

So I like this end of summer party idea & want to do it again. I think I've already found next years theme here: It's a Balloon Party! Since the only Summer birthday we have is my teen & he is SO not into birthday parties now, it's the perfect excuse to host this one.

So now on to September.
I'm super excited to be taking part in this class again!

Love love love all of Shimelle's classes & you can learn more about this class & others here:
I will be catching up & posting my daily lessons in the next few days.

My last thought for today is to share this:

going on at
I just discovered it today & already love the ideas shown.
I can't wait to see what the rest of the month brings from these creative ladies!

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