Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lazy Sundays

This weekend we needed a lazy Sunday. The kids started school this week & just like that we were thrown back into the routines & schedules we so joyfully tossed aside in June. Although it was time to get back to something predictable, it was oh-so nice to remember it one last time until next Summer!
We slept in & stayed in our jammies. I baked cookies with my girls. They played & played some more.
I cuddled with my girls & we took a lovely nap together.
I would probably have skipped getting dressed, if not for my Sunday evening Bible study/book club meeting. The girls got out of their jammies only to take a bath & put on clean ones.

The recipe for the Cookie Sticks we made can be found here: Cookie Sticks

The recipe for these can be found here: Lemon Burst Cookies

The one blip in the day was when I discovered a broken item. Now, I do not have babies or toddlers. I don't even have any pre-schoolers anymore. I have big kids that should know better, or at least know when to own up to breaking something. Then I remembered that their daddy sometimes does the same thing. *sigh* I'm pretty sure it was the teenager who is like a 2 year old in a very big body most of the time.
This time I can just turn it around & no one will ever notice for now.

The girls helped me get started on our clipboard project. We are painting them & adding some fun scrapbook paper. I am going to be using them to keep all their school papers organized this year.

To finish off our nice family day, I decided we should have dessert for dinner.
I whiped up some pear fritters with vanilla ice cream.
The recipe is here: Pear Fritters
The girls loved this, even if they weren't thrilled with the dessert. I think I will let everyone pick out a new dessert recipe & I will randomly do this again. It was fun to eat dessert first!

Lots of yummy treats & loves.
Now to work on those routines...

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