Friday, November 19, 2010

Date Night 8/52

Date #8 was supposed to be at an arcade. I found one about 45 minutes away that specializes in games from the 80's. I really wish I had taken a picture of the big huge sign that said Open from 10 - 10! with a little bitty sign in the window that said closed. Someone is more confused than I am!

I had a quick moment of panic, we drove all that way, crossed a toll bridge and now what?!

Thankfully it was quick & I decided since we were out & about without kids, we could finish getting ready for our youngest's birthday next weekend. Our first stop was the mall to pick up the pillow pet she really wants. This was to be strike #2, she wants a snow dog & they are sold out. They should have more in about 2 weeks which really doesn't help much.

Next stop was Target. I love Target without kids. Matt on the other hand lasted about 30 seconds before asking what do we need here? He ended up warming up & helped me pick out goodies for the Operation Christmas Child boxes we needed to finish filling. While wandering we passed the pillow isle & he stopped & started looking around.

Come to find out after almost 3 months of denial he admitted that he covets the pillow I bought in Hawaii.
Seriously this cracked me up! He has been stealing my pillow on a regular basis but would not admit how much he liked it because he thought that I was being nutty for a.) buying a pillow because the hotels were so horrid & b.) managing to bring it home, he really thought it couldn't be done.

To round off our random bits date we stopped for coffee. It was the perfect way to end our date. We talked & laughed & made plans.

Even though it didn't go according to my plans we still had a great time.
Really isn't that what being married is all about?
Making the most of what you've got in spite of what you had planned.

For our next date Matt scored free tickets to go see Carlos Mencia. We've never been to any sort of comedian show so it will be totally new & different.

While blog surfing I found this fun idea for a date. It's based on those choose what happens next stories. I used to love reading those when I was a kid.
She's got great directions on how to make it your own.

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  1. Way to salvage a date when things go wrong. I love Target without the kids too.