Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day & Family Thankfulness

Happiness project
Week 2

Here is what is making me happy this week :)

We are starting a new family project this month.

Every day we will write down one thing we are thankful for.
I mentioned this last week during dinner so they could start thinking of things.
I wasn't sure what to expect, especially from the kids.
Maddie was really excited to be the first to write her answer down ~ our house.
Matthew wanted his answer to be a secret which made me nervous,
 but he chose electricity.
Marissa very happily wrote family.
Matt chose his job
I wrote down our health.
I can't wait to see all the different things we are thankful this month!

As soon as I finish it I will share how I will be displaying these this month.

I am oh so very happy that election day is here!
I have little tolerance for all the political ads that are blasting
everywhere with little to no useful information.
Happy Day that today they end for another year!

See what is making others happy this week



  1. I am happy election day is here too. enough with the ads for sure.

  2. I will be glad to have all the campaigning over at last. And I hope the elections go the way I want them to...


  3. Good thoughts!


  4. I love your list idea!!! I too am sooooo happy it's election day! Just want it over!

  5. I love the thankfulness idea. You got a great first bunch of answers too.

    Definitely happy to have the election over with. Whew!