Friday, October 29, 2010

Snapshots of Life Week 1

The fun ladies over at Eighteen 25
are hosting a new photo challenge.

Every Wednesday evening, they will be posting a time on their blog.
Then on Thursday, at that time,
 you need to take a picture of whatever is going on in your life.
Whether you're cooking dinner, working on a project, watching a movie, getting kids ready for school...
Then link up with them on Friday morning.
Easy Peasy!

Thursday at 5pm

It doesn't get much more normal than this.
 Jammies from this morning still on the floor.
Blanket & pillows on the floor.
One kid plugged into her DS, the other glued to the T.V.
Jacket thrown onto the couch so as not to lose precious game time.
Ignored homework sitting on the floor.

I look forward to catching some more real life next week at a new time :)


I did unplug the girls after that photo to take care of their Halloween goodies for school tomorrow.
I printed out these Halloween Jokes
(Ooh there is another set of jokes now, too bad I didn't see that earlier)
Asked the girls to color away
then stapled them to the mini bags of Halloween pretzels Wal-Mart has.
Fun, quick, easy & cheap!

I do have to add that around 6:30 pm,
hubby & I happened to be sitting in our living room
talking to our State Senator.
Yup, he just popped in to see if we had any questions.
Now did I get a picture of that?
I was too busy trying to think of intelligent questions to ask him.
Didn't even think of my camera until after he left.
I am so thankful that
a.) The front room was picked up, even the couches
b.) The girls were quietly coloring & got to hear our conversation
c.) The dog was outside. He would have gone nuts having someone new to sniff!


  1. I'm so glad you like the jokes! They are too cute coloring them - great idea! How fun for the kids in their class to get a little joke with their treat :) Thank you for sharing!!

  2. What a cute idea for Halloween treats! Your girls are adorable, love the look of concentration on their faces :)

  3. love the real life pictures!! :) and i love the idea of using the jokes for their treats... why didn't i think of that. thanks for playing along!