Thursday, October 28, 2010

Date Night 5/52 ~ Botanical Garden

Our date this week was to visit a botanical garden.
My plan was to research this & find someplace that was sure to be fun & interesting.
Then I got sick (and still am sick)
Instead I went into basic mommy mode.
That would be the kids basic needs are met & that's about it.
Thank goodness for the crock pot this week!!

Anyways, needless to say Saturday rolled around & I had no clue.
Luckily my hubby rocks!!

Saturday morning we took the kids to Lowe's to build bats,
have you been to their lowes build and grow events?
They are usually every other Saturday morning, with a different project for
the kids to make & they are Free!

I got to take a much needed nap while Matt made lunch for everyone.
After a nice rest we were ready for our date.

Our first stop was Starbucks for yummy warm drinks,
 especially nice because the weather was cold & wet.

Matt didn't ask where we were going, he told me.
This is truly a rare event around here.

Sadly I wasn't all that eager when we pulled in to this place

It is literally right next to the freeway & well can you blame me?

I was determined not to be a party pooper though & in we went.

They had a fabulously funky gift shop filled with all kinds of fun stuff to look at.

We actually wandered around the store for quite awhile
 just being silly before going out into the garden.

When we first walked out it was just sprinkling
 so we passed up the umbrellas sitting by the door.

(bad, bad idea!)

We had a guide who knew all kinds of information about each
& every bonsai tree in this place.

There were also some cool rocks mixed in just for fun.

We learned that anything can make a bonsai tree if trained properly.

Like this grape vine.

Or this Crab Apple tree that looks like a Barbie sized
version of one I used to climb when I was a kid.

Somewhere along the tour it quit sprinkling & really started raining. 
We got soaked.

 After our tour was done,
Matt & I wandered around on our own.
Thankfully our borrowed umbrella was big enough for two.
Matt was very patient as we went back around the gardens with the umbrella
so I could take pictures.
Most of the pictures above were taken on our second trip
around the gardens.

It was surprisingly interesting for both of us to learn
about all the different bonsai trees.
Even though it was cold & very wet we spent over
1 1/2 hours wandering around the garden.

I wasn't sure what to expect on this date & even though I didn't feel good
it was still quite a bit of fun.
I am looking forward to going back in the Spring,
on a sunny day!

I am so very thankful Matt has decided to take this new dating idea seriously.

I am looking forward to our Ice Cream date next weekend & even better
 Matt already decided where we could go
& some other things we could do while we were there.

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