Monday, October 18, 2010

Date Night 4/52

 One of Matt's co-workers was retiring & we were invited to the party,
so we didn't pull out any new ideas this week.
The party was at a restaraunt/bar that was rated #1 for burgers.
I love burgers so it was the perfect place for a casual dinner!
It was fun to watch Matt & see a different side of him.
He caught up with some of the guys he doesn't get to really talk to very often.
We enjoyed some good burgers & just hung out.

One of the best parts of the evening was hands down when he was telling
somebody about my anniversary present to him.
He was bragging about me wanting him to take me out every week.
It's one thing for him to go along with my current whim, he is awesome that way.
But for him to actually appreciate it is a whole different story & one that just made me all warm & fuzzy.
He even went so far as to recommend it, which for the record so do I.
During the week we have both mentioned how much we are looking forward to our date & we haven't really done anything "special" yet. We have just started doing something different than going to a movie every now & then.
 Really just being together has been more than enough.

 On the drive to pick up Matt,
I realized I am so thankful I am dating my husband again!
We have been on 4 weekly dates so far including our anniversary date &
already I see changes. Just little things here & there.
Nothing huge, but happy little things that in the end do make a big difference.

Our date for next weekend is to visit a botanical garden.
When Matt pulled it out, he made a face &
 I actually thought he had pulled one of the expensive dates.
He flipped it over to show me & I could just see the lack of enthusiasm for going to look at a bunch of plants. Before I could even think to respond,
he flipped it in his own mind, smiled
& added that we could get some coffees on our way to enjoy.
I am so thrilled that he is really open to trying new things &
 he is determined to have fun doing it.
I've got a week to find a cool garden to visit &
maybe think of a few more ways to make it more fun for him too.
Thankfully I've got plenty of gardens to choose from.

I have found some more blogs to share to help you start on your own Project 52.

simply modern mom

She not only has a new date every week, but a pledge you & your spouse can sign together.
I think I will be adding that to next weeks date.

the dahling dating divas

This blog has a group of 12 ladies that share their different date ideas every week.
There are some amazing date ideas over there & they share all the details!

If you are married, when was the last time you went on a date together?

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  1. I think it is awesome that you are already seeing changes in your marriage by dating :)