Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Date Night 3/52

This week we actually went on 2 dates!
The original plan was to work on our bucket lists
Saturday night after the kids were in bed.
Then Friday afternoon Matt was invited to go see a local band
playing Saturday night.
We are always game for something new so we invited one of our good couple friends to join us as well.
We enjoyed good music & lots of laughs.
Our friends left right after the band finished, but Matt & I stayed a little bit longer.
Just hanging out & enjoying each other's company.

Saturday night out with friends.

Since it was a 3 day weekend we decided to keep our Bucket list date too.
I really wasn't sure how cooperative Matt was going to be about this one.
I had planned on opening some wine & making some yummy snacks to share.
It turned out we didn't need either one.
We took turns writing down different things we want to do together.
It was a lot of fun to see all of Matt's different ideas.
Some that I knew about & quite a few surprises too.

Twice Matt wrote down the exact idea I had in mind for my next item.
The first was going on a cruise & the next was taking the kids to Disney World.
I love it when we think alike!
We ended up with 50 different items.
This was very low key but still lots of fun.

Sunday night working on our bucket list

For some new & inexpensive date ideas try Living Social
You sign up for a city near you & everyday they send you a new deal of the day.
I believe most of the cities also have a 365 things to do list which can have some great new ideas too.

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