Friday, October 15, 2010

You Capture ~ Animals

This weeks challenge over at i should be folding laundry is animals.
Around our house that would include 2 cats & wild & crazy dog. The cats are older & catching them doing something interesting is much much harder than the dog. He is always doing something.
He doesn't look like it, but he is still a puppy.
This week my photos are very casual. In fact my youngest helped by following the dog, adding in some props & taking lots of pictures of him.
I love that she is already interested in taking pictures,
even if it is a little nerve racking to hand over my camera to her.

I'm so glad I was able to catch him doing this before he destroyed his ring.
He ran all over the house like this.

Even the dog likes to play on the toys at the park.

 These were taken by my 7 year old. She found the dog ripping the stuffing out of his toy & just had to take pictures of him. She placed the stuffing over his back first, then started snapping away.

Thankfully all the stuffing you see came from his toy.
Knock on wood he only destroys his own toys & leaves our stuff alone.

Can anyone recommend a tough dog toy?
 This one was rated 10 and only lasted a week.

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