Thursday, October 7, 2010

Date Night 2/52 & I'm a winner!!

Our second date was to go play pool. I was really looking forward to this because it was something we did all the time when we were dating. I wasn't sure we were really going to be able to pull this off since we had a house full of company & all the craziness that goes along with that. 
It ended up that we just had to be flexible & determined to make it work. Instead of going during the afternoon, we ended up going after the kids were in bed. Thankfully Matt had taken Monday & Tuesday off so we were able to stay out late with no worries about getting up early.
 I thought most bars have pool tables so I didn't give much thought to where we would go before we left ~ it's all part of the adventure, right? So of course the first bar we went to had no pool tables, but it did have a cool set up with couches & a fireplace for a future visit.
Our next stop did have a few tables but they were all in use. So we got to hang out & talk while we waited our turn. Once we were up we discovered that this bar has free pool on Sundays! Bonus!
We goofed off & played sloppy pool which is really the only way I can play. Technically Matt won all the games, but he pretended I won 1/2.
We decided a midnight snack sounded good but didn't feel like eating bar food, so we ended up in the McDonald's drive through.
The cupcake was from the bartender's boyfriend's birthday party that they were having.

Even though I brought my camera, I forgot to get a picture of us playing pool.
Oh how I wish I had some of us from 13 years ago!

It was my turn to pull a new date for next weekend & I first pulled out take a class.
Right now we are actually taking 2 classes but I don't feel like either of those
count so I pulled out another one & got
Make bucket lists.
This one could be challenging not to just do by myself, but I am thinking we can hang out in front of the fire after the kiddos are in bed with some wine & snacks & see how many we can both come up with.

So one of the sites that helped get me started with all this was

She had a contest for those who wanted to take the date night challenge & she picked me as her winner!
I am so excited & can't wait to get my goody.
Truly I am easy peasy to amuse & just about anything that involves goody mail makes me oh so happy.
The prize is a Simply Romantic Nights kit that I am sure will come in handy for our year of weekly dates challenge.

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