Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kids craft ~ Halloween Banner

I am loving all the banner ideas floating around blogland right now.
When I saw the one featured on this blog: purple sage creations
I knew I had found the right one for now.
Not only could the girls help me make them, but she also loved the same
spiders that I had already decided to make too!

I bought a package of 8 1/2 x 11 Halloween cardstock & cut out several
6" x 8" triangles, leaving about an inch at the top to fold over.
I was able to cut out 2 big triangles out of each sheet of paper with a funky
little triangle left over that the girls
 are going to use to make a banner for their room.

I handed the triangles to the girls along with some crayons &
asked them to draw some Halloween pictures on them.

I love watching these two create. They have such fun imaginations.

While they finished drawing, I started folding the extra inch over on the triangles.
Cutting any extra that peeked out, so I had nice neat triangles.

I then sewed each triangle to a string of black yarn & hung them on the windows.
Super easy peasy, quick & inexpensive too!

This orange one cracked me up. At first I thought it was a bunch of spiders.
I was corrected & informed that it was a bunch of pots of cooking witch soups.

While this one is for Halloween,
I am already thinking how fun it would be to make one for Thanksgiving.
I will switch the colors up & ask the girls to draw things they are thankful for.

What other themes would you make?

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