Friday, November 5, 2010

You Capture ~ Halloween & Silence

This week the theme over at
was Halloween & Silence

This worked out nicely since I am so behind & haven't shared
 any Halloween pictures yet.


This is one of my favorite shots of the girls.
I love how they are just a little blurry.
They were done with posing for the camera
& all about trick or treating!


This is truly what silence looks like in my house.

See more & share yours at:

Here is the rest of our Halloween in photos.

Trick or treaters started around 4:30 which was about an hour early.
We were so not ready & it amped the girls up even more.

Handing out candy while waiting for it to get dark enough to go out.
This was Zanders first Halloween & he wasn't sure
what to make of it. He did enjoy licking lots & lots of kids though!

The only picture I got of all 3 kids.
Matthew went out with his friends this year.

Zander the squirrel dog.

Our "Mummy" dinner.
English muffin pizzas & bread stick wrapped hot dogs.

With fun jello for dessert.
Lime jello with gummy worms & bugs.
Love this idea that I got from
She had the coolest containers for hers,
but I thought my Partylite mini barrel jars ended up cute too.
They kinda looked like witch cauldrons.

Marissa really really enjoyed handing out the candy this year.
I was SO ready to turn the lights out at 8.
She insisted on leaving them on longer & taking care of it.
Around 8:45 she was finally done too.

Our pumpkins.

And finally a few pictures of our decorations.

I almost bought some pom pom spiders at a gift shop.
Matt took one look at them & said you can make those.
I made a bunch of them & they ended up all over the house.
The cats like pom poms & thought they were great new toys.

The Frankenstein that Maddie made in 1st grade.
This was the one decoration she asked about & got so excited
once he was back in his spot.

Thankfully I was able to finish my Spooky blocks before Halloween.
I love how they turned out!

Matt is usually in charge of the outside of the house.
This year he just wasn't into it, so I put up just a few things.
The ghost was a big hit with the kids this year.
It moved & made creepy noises. It didn't have any lights
so I taped a battery tealight under him & it lit him up fabulously.

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  1. I love the decor!!!! And the fun dinner! Great Halloween shots!