Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Power = Happiness

This week I am oh so happy to have power back on & I could have taken lots of photos to document this. Vacuuming made me ridiculously happy this week, eating hot home cooked meals = happy, as much as I like candles for mood lighting they just don't cut it for day to day life with 3 kids & a big crazy dog, having my computer back = happy, being warm anywhere in my house instead of right in front of fireplace = happy. A whole lot of happy going on right now!

Anyhoo here is this week's happiness shot:
All 3 of my kiddos enjoying cartoons together.
It's kind of a double happy since anytime all 3 kids do something together makes me happy.
They were oh-so-happy to have their tv back!


What is making you happy this week?


  1. I used to like TV time so I could get a few things done! But I know most people limit it today. I never really had to because my kids always preferred to play outside anyway.


  2. I love the creative time that unfolds when the power is out but I love electricity more.