Friday, December 3, 2010

December 2nd & Snapshots of Life

Here is my December 2nd page. Tonight my husband & I went out for coffee to go over the kids wish lists. It was a nice relaxing way to finalize our shopping plans. It was definitely a bonus not to worry about having the kids hear our plans.

Supplies used: Katie Pertiet, Simple Classic Christmas from
Splendid Fiins, Cards add on pack from

This week's Snapshots of Life time was 7am. I don't always have a cuddle bug in bed with me, but our rule is once daddy is up, his spot is up for grabs. This one usually takes it. She has been snuggling with me just like this for 8 years now & I love it! I'm so glad Matt was able to help with this week's challenge.


  1. There is nothing as wonderful as a snuggle from your babies!

  2. Great picture!
    Saw you on Snapshots of Life...