Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Daily #4

Supplies used: Echo Park Tag & papers from Jessica Sprague
Tis the Season & lights from simply j studio

Today was one of those busy busy days we have so often in December. In addition it seems like our town's Festival of Lights usually falls on Matt's reserve weekends, so it makes it a little more interesting. Tonight we barely made it to the tree lighting. I also tried to take the girls to see the "beef & cheese" Santa at Wal Mart, but we missed him by 10 minutes or so. Marissa was quite amused & confused by what a "beef & cheese" Santa was, as I am sure most might be. It's one of those funky Santa's that is sporting a fake beard & pillow under his suit guys, like on Elf. I might have to try to find another one now, although the girls might start quoting Elf at him. For our real Santa photo we have a local museum that has an awesome authentic looking Santa that we visit every year. That will be next weekend.
I am loving Lowe's kids craft this month. They have 3 train parts, caboose, passenger & engine. Today the girls made the caboose.
I was impressed with the library craft today. I was expecting paper stockings & was pleasantly surprised by felt ones. The girls talked about who to make the stockings for. Maddie's is for her adored Tiger Lilly & her new husband Mr. Tiger Lilly. Marissa is leaning towards giving her's to the dog.
The girls were so excited to see the tree light up. After the lights come on Santa rides a fire truck through town. The girls both started chanting for Santa as soon as they saw him.
We ended our evening by walking around the marina looking at all the decorated boats. They have a contest to vote for the best decorated boat. This year the girls both picked the boat that had a cute dalmation who poked his head out to be petted.
Matt & I debated going to a Christmas party this evening one of his co-workers was throwing, but since he has to get up at 5:30 in the morning we decided to pass this year.

What is your favorite local holiday event to attend?

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